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Cable Molding Tools

Mold Tooling for Cable Assemblies, PCBs, Sensors, Devices and Embedded Electronics

We manufacture for OEMs in the USA and worldwide all the cable molding tools they need to produce quality Cable Assemblies,  PCBs, Sensors, Devices and Embedded Electronics. We are at the forefront of technology and we have all the know how to deliver superior cable mold tooling solutions.

Precision Plastic Injection Molding achieved with Sophisiticated 3D Software

We specialize in providing injection molding tools, precision plastic injection molds, injection molding services, and quality training and customer support. Our experienced engineers utilize sophisticated software to create cable molding tools in three-dimensional mold designs.

Combining state-of-the-art equipment, software and innovative cable mold design, we provide a very large diversity of cable molding tools and molding and tooling solutions that are unsurpassed in the industry. 3D Cable Mold Designs

Industrial and Mil Spec

Communication & Computer

Cable Harnesses & Specialty

Printed Circuit Board

PCBs, Switches & Sensors

Power Cable Assemblies

Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Modular Cords

Audio Cable Assemblies

Strain Relief & Grommets

We offer both custom and standard over-mold. These tools are built to easily conform to a great variety of mold base configurations for machines such as Newbury, Autojector, Ameriplas, Multiplas standard platens. We utilize Solidworks, the very  advanced CAD/CAM software that brings current solid modeling and design capabilities to modern CNC and EDM equipment. These advanced capabilities insure top quality injection molding tools at very economical prices and shortened lead-times.

Complete Project Support for Mold Tooling

     Design assistance
     Small production run

Our toolmakers are experienced in creating highly complex injection molding tools with tight tolerances. With customer satisfaction being our top priority and our main engine for growth, we apply strict standards of quality to all of our work. Our modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment provide us with the means to do superb work, while our skilled staff supplies the creativity, hard work and know-how.

Each injection molding tool is designed and tested to provide consistent and uniform over-molds, while minimizing sink, flow lines and cosmetic flaws. Each mold is profiled in our molding machines, for optimum set-up, including injection speeds, shot size and temperature profiles.

We are the recognized leader in overmold tooling design and development. With over 25 years of custom insert molding, specifically in the commercial electronics, medical, communications, computer, robotics, industrial, automotive, marine and instrumentation  markets, the company has expertise hard to find within the interconnect industry. The company is at the forefront of expanding the use of over-molded and molded on connector, strain and flex relief designs. The company's innovative 3D design tool is an industry first.

Our mission is to successfully provide cable molding tools for our customers. Applying solid engineering and boundless creativity, and systematic cost reduction techniques, we are uniquely qualified to become your strategic partner.

For Injection Molding Tools at their Best



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