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Electronic Insert Molding

Injection Molding Services for Smart Cables, Dongles, Sensors, Embedded Electronics

Medical Interconnect with Overmolded PCBAElectronic Insert Molding - Our Experience

We have has over 50 years of experience with electronic insert molding and insert molded cable assemblies. We process a wide range of thermoplastic materials and have a large selection of mold tooling. Over 2,500 over mold tool designs for over 100 types of connectors are available to our customers. With over 800 overmolds in stock, our modular mold system ensures unparalleled cost reductions to your project.

Our technical staff is ready to help in the design, prototyping and manufacturing your product to your exact specifications. We can terminate industry standard connectors to cable or work with you to develop a new connector interface. We are also available and fully equipped to provide complete, in depth insert molding training and technology transfer to your company.

Electronic Insert Molding - Introduction

Electronic Insert molding is a fast growing segment of the cable assembly industry. As products become more mobile and compact, insert molding of PCBs within the cable assembly becomes a desirable and cost-effective alternative to on-board electronics. These devices are typically referred to as smart cables or dongles

The demand for robust and portable interconnect devices spearheaded new design approaches. Many of these devices evolved into over-molded products. Today the cable assembly industry, in general, has matured significantly. However, few manufacturers have gained our depth of experience in insert molding even small, very high-density connectors and utilizing high precision control systems in the injection molding process. So, while insert molding is not a candidate for all applications, the right mix of insert molding experience, and product design makes for an unbeatable combination.

Electronic Insert Molding Advantages

Over molding of a PCBA device is a practical approach when the size of the PCBA is no larger than 4 X 4 X 1" and it has a cable attached.Some of the key benefits are:

     Reduced cost
     Reduced lead time for tooling
     Elimination of connector for cable attachment to PCBA
     Improved strain relief
     Mechanical resistance to shock and vibration
     Environmental sealing of circuitry
     Security of internal devices
     Superior cosmetic appearance

There are two types of bonding that occur in insert molding, molecular and mechanical. Molecular bonding can occur when the insert material is the same as or similar to the encapsulating resin. This yields the best results both in terms of physical strength and leak resistance. . Mechanical bonding can occur in two ways, by the shrinking of the encapsulating resin around the insert as the resin cools, or by the surrounding of irregularities in the surface of the insert by the encapsulating resin.

Electronic Insert Molding Design Considerations

In general, the basic design rules for insert molding are the same as those that apply to injection -molding. However, designers should also be aware of the following elements that may affect the design of their parts:

     The material from which the insert is made
     Pull & compression strength requirements of the insert
     Leak test requirements
     Torque or axial forces to which the insert will be subjected.
     Voltage requirements for electrical applications.

These elements determine what encapsulating resins will work for the application. They also establish the type of material preparation that must be performed on the insert in order to ensure proper performance of the finished part.

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