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Cable Strain Relief, Flex Relief - Design, Engineering,
 Manufacturing, Off the Shelf Products

Strain Relief Photo Gallery

Very Large Diversity of Strain Relief and Flex Relief Designs

We provide over 450 strain relief designs for custom cable assemblies. This includes over 80 versions for over molds and over 20,000 grommet combinations for "discrete" end applications.  All of our strain reliefs have a unique modular design for maximum versatility and utilization across a potential wide range of over mold designs. This leads to significant cost cuts for our customers.

Grommets and strain relief's are available in  four shapes; round, oval, square or rectangular. These grommets may either be molded directly onto the cable or be discreet slip-on style boots.

Our Cable Strain Relief system utilizes a modular tooling design, thus providing maximum flexibility in interchangeable sections, and ultimately a lower strain relief cost. Furthermore, standard cable strain relief lead times are reduced to weeks rather than months.

3D Cable Grommet Configurator

Click here for our grommet configurator This configuration manager provides for over 20,000 semi-custom grommets, which are standard, off the shelf discrete strain relief's or ready to mold strain relief's, and are typically available for shipment in 1-2 weeks after order.  Alternatively the typical lead-time for a custom cable strain relief is 3 - 4 weeks ARO.  PVC is the standard molding material, but we can also provide Santoprene or  Polyurethane 

Ordering Information: ISC Engineering provides for more than 20,000 combinations of semi-custom molded grommets, either as discrete slip on units, or molded directly onto a cable. If you do not fine what you are looking for, please contact us for further information on custom order. PVC is the standard molding material, but we can also provide Santoprene or  Polyurethane 

Cable Strain Relief Basics

Do I Need a Cable Strain Relief?
A Cable Strain Relief provides extra protection to cables and wiring harnesses, at connection points on equipment. Cable strain reliefs extend cord life and reinforce the cord connection to your equipment.

Strain Reliefs with Flex Reliefs
Depending on your application, you may wish to specify a cable strain relief with integral flex support. The flex support protects the cord from stress that is applied perpendicular to the axis of its entry into the equipment.

Pull Tests for Strain Reliefs
After installing the cable and the strain relief, the product should be able to pass a pull test. UL calls for stringent pull tests, which consists of a weight fixed to the cable for one minute. After the one-minute is over, a visual inspection is performed to determine if the cable has slipped from the strain relief.

Dome Style Strain Reliefs
Dome style strain reliefs, named because of their domed shape, are designed to protect the wire entering the equipment. They help to secure the wire connection to the equipment, and provide longer life to the cord by preventing it from rubbing against a rough or sharp edge where the cord passes through the equipment panel

Flex Strain Reliefs
Flex style strain reliefs are named because they offer flexible bend protection to the cord entering the equipment. They are designed to eliminate the possibility of the cord kinking at the point where it enters the equipment.

90 Angled Strain Reliefs
Our 90 angled strain reliefs can be used with both a flex or dome nut. They add strength and support to the cord and minimize wire strain in a bending application.

Types of strain reliefs as well as strain relief services we provide:

 Standard Strain Relief
 Cable Strain Relief
 Strain Relief Connector
 Wire Strain Relief
 Design Relief Strain
 Strain Relief Clamp
 Strain Relief Bushing
 Strain Relief Boot
 Power Cord Strain Relief
 Cord Relief Sjt Strain

 Nema Strain Relief
 Molded Strain Relief
 Custom Strain Relief
 Standard Strain Relief
 Overmold Strain Relief
 Over Molded  Strain Relief
 Multiwire Strain Relief
 Multi Wire Strain Relief
 Power Cables Strain Relief
 Slip On Strain Relief
 Molded On Strain Relief

 Plastic Strain Relief
 Rubber Strain Relief
 Injection Molded
 Multi Core Strain Relief
 Grommet Strain Relief
 Harness Strain Relief
 Heat Shrink Strain Relief
 Split Housing Strain Relief
 Stamped Strain Relief


There is a tremendous variety of types, shapes and sizes available. We stand ready to help with any additional information, and answer any question.

For the Best and Most Economical Strain Relief



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